Step 1: Find Out Whether Your Device Supports PDF Or EPUB Format

Ebooks are available in PDF format. Known devices and operating systems that can open all Ebooks on this website: Windows, MAC, Android 2.2+ Devices, IPad (iOS 3+), IPhone (iOS 3+), as well as versions of Kindle that support the Android store. Several more devices are supported and you should find out whether your device is one of them before your purchase. You may need free software installed as stated in the paragraph below to start reading your Ebook.

Most recent devices support PDF or EPub format natively. However, as noted on several Ebook pages, the free application Adobe Digital Editions or the free application Bluefire reader may be required for reading the Ebook. These Ebooks carry Digital Rights Management and you should only proceed with purchase if your device can install either of these applications. The devices listed in the first paragraph all support Adobe Digital Editions or the Bluefire reader.

Step 2: Find The Ebook You Want To Read

You can browse for your topic/subject of interest (Business and Economics, Law, Education, etc) through the drop-down menu, or type the topics of interest, ISBN, author name, Ebook name directly into the search box located on the upper left corner of the website. Select the Ebook that looks interesting. The Ebook page has further suggestions on alternatives and other Ebooks that may interest you. We have over 30,000 Ebooks and are increasing this number regularly.

Step 3: Buy Ebook

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Step 4: Account Creation

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Step 5: Payment

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Download and Read!

Step 6: Download

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